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Detailed Strategic Planning & Representation

Trust the professional team at Athena Consulting Group to provide the strategic planning and representation you need. Our team uses the skill and knowledge they've amassed over more than a quarter-century to help your business meet it's financial needs and add more to its bottom line.


Strategic Planning Solutions

We'll start by meeting the key executives to assess the health plans and competitive landscape in your market. We need to know which plans you contract with currently, and to decide if they are the right ones. Should you have more contracts, or could you do with a few? Are the terms competitive in your market, and is there a good relationship between your hospital and the IPA? We also meet jointly with hospitals and physicians to ensure that your contracts work for both parties.

Count on us to participate in your strategic planning meetings with executive staff, affiliated representatives from the hospital and IPA, and payer representatives. We represent clients like you as directed at industry, trade, and association meetings, as well as with regulators and other external audiences.